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Themed Headings and Text Settings

These settings appear in a Text Settings window when you select add text to a text box.


Another window opens when you select the the letter A with a paint drop image beside it.

This option and others are located below the Font Size.

Text Box.png

Below is the information for Text, including Headings, Page Titles in the Themed setting. 

Beneath the Theme (Heading 1) is an example that includes the Font (Typeface), Font size, and color. 


Barlow Extra Light  - 44 #OD7840

HEADING 2- Page Titles and About Us What We Do page

Recycle Centers - Avenir 36 B (Bolded) #OD7840
ABOUT US - What We Do

HEADING 3- Names of Recycle Center

Batesville - Avenir 24 #0D7840 

Heading 4- Some Recycle Right text 

Plastic bottles are the most recycled plastic product in the... -Linotype Didot, 22, #407051 

Heading 5- Who We are and Mission (on about Us page) 

Who We Are - Avenir, 24, #000000

Heading 6- Text for Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Franklin County - Tom Linkel  ● Jefferson County - David Bramer, Pam Crozier - Tahoma, 15, #000000

Paragraph 1 - Black Body Text

Electronics and Batteries accepted at SEIRD’s Recycle Centers. - Tahoma, 18, #000000

Paragraph 2 - Green Body Text 

Download Southeastern Indiana Recycling District School... -  Tahoma, 18, #0D7840 

Paragraph 3 - White Body Copy (Reverse Type) 

•  Staff and manage 7 Re-Use               Stores


•  Re-Use stores host over 1200             visitors weekly

Tahoma, 18, #FFFFFF

Styling the Text

If you want to  change the color of Text, Size, or Bold it, Italics, etc. 

You can do this without changing your Theme Settings.

I have done this in some instances being careful not to  Save it as a change to the theme.

For example. About Us Page - the Header, Our Staff 

Heading 4 is Linotype Didot, 22, #407051 in the Themed setting


On the Header  Our Staff, I increased the size form 22  to 28

Our Staff

Again being careful NOT to Save Theme

Another Example - text from School Recyclables 

Heading 5 is - Avenir, 24, #000000 in the Themed setting

I increased  - the text size to 19, Bolded and italicized the Font

“practice and promote good environmental stewardship.” There is no place more important than our schools for this to happen.

In the Text Setting dropdown window when any default setting is changed an asterisk appears under Themes beside the name And the Save Theme option appears in blue color. 


Do not save the change or it will update and change the Theme and apply it sitewide. Exit the dropdown Text Settings window by clicking on the  X.

My change to the Our Staff  text size  was applied only to that instance rather than to all the Heading 4 instances on the site.

The change to Heading 5 on the text was also only change to that particular paragraph and not site wide.

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