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Who We Are

The Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD) employs 22 individuals at 8 Recycle Centers and 7 Re-Use Centers throughout the 7 counties in our solid waste management district. We are a multi-county cooperative under the supervision of a board of directors made up of 21 local elected officials. Our counties comprise nearly 2,100 square miles consisting of 154,000 residents. The SEIRD Offices, the Learning Center, and the Processing Center are located in the Jefferson Proving Grounds, just north of Madison.

Our Mission

The Southeastern Indiana Recycling District exists to promote and practice good environmental stewardship throughout Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, and Switzerland Counties. Our efforts focus upon preserving and enhancing our environment, natural resources, and public health and safety by leading in the proper management of solid waste. This may be accomplished through the practice of recycling, the reuse of satisfactory items and ultimately the reduction in the volume of material disposals. Together we are partners in protecting the earth.



ABOUT US - What We Do


•  Staff and maintain 8 Recycle          Centers
•  Collect recyclables at 65 schools      weekly
•  Assist 14 satellite recycling            locations


•  Provide the opportunity for             residents to dispose of                   "difficult” items that are                 potentially harmful to human           health and our environment.

•  Such items include: Household        Hazardous Waste, Tires,                  Batteries, Automotive                      Oil/Fluids, Electronic Waste,            Pharmaceutical Waste,                    Refrigerant Bearing Items,              Mercury, etc.


•  Staff and manage 7 Re-Use               Stores


•  Re-Use stores host over 1200             visitors weekly


•  SEIRD prepares trash/ recycling        bids & contracts for district              cities, towns, counties

•  SEIRD assists counties in                  maintaining environmental              compliance standards

•  SEIRD works with/supports area       chambers, safety programs,             local events, etc.


•   SEIRD assists all 7 counties in           the removal of debris from               disasters such as tornadoes,             floods, ice storms, etc.

•   SEIRD prepares damage                   assessment volumes                       throughout the district to help         communities in removal cost           calculations.


•  Recycling grants provided to 11         communities offering curbside           recycling and/or satellite                   recycling opportunities

Our Staff

Christy Duvall,  Director/Controller

Emily Wolf,  Assistant Director

Aaron Bell, Programs Coordinator

Rick Hubbard,  Processing Supervisor

Contact us at

Board of Directors

Franklin County - Glen Bischoff  ● Jefferson County - Pam Crozier, Ron Lee
Jennings County - Michael Gerth, Matt Sporleder  ● Ohio County - Myron Dennis, Steve Slack, Billy Hoffman  
Ripley County - Mark Horstman, John Irrgang, David Tebbing ● Scott County - John Miller, Greg Prince
Switzerland County - Lance Collier, Jerry Monjar, Chris Riley
SEIRD is a political subdivision of the state of Indiana. We are governed by a board made up of elected officials
from the seven counties that make up our district: Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, and Switzerland.

CAC Citizens Advisory Committee

Marty Mullin, Franklin County ● Sara Hare, Jefferson County ● Stephanie Hellmann, Jefferson County
Jerry Lamb, Jennings County ● Millie Martin, Ohio County ● Paula Rasnick, Ripley County ● Jared Rogers, Ripley County 
Steve Plasse, Scott County ● Karen Peelman, Switzerland County

Main Office:  6556 N. Shun Pike Road  JPG Bldg. #534  Madison, IN 47250
Phone: 1-800-997-4793  or 812-574-4080 Fax: 812-574-4082

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